Kasapi Bookcase and Cabinet

Kasapi Bookcase and Cabinet-Figured cherry

Kasapi Bookcase

Kasapi Bookcase-Figured cherry

Kasapi Boocase

Kasapi Bookcase-Claro walnut and curly maple

Kasapi Bookcase

Kasapi Bookcase-Claro walnut and bird's-eye maple.

Forbes-Cockell Desk

Forbes-Cockell Desk-Cherry and curly maple. This desk is 9' long and can be taken apart into four pieces for transporting.


Forbes-Cockell desk outside view


Kem Desk

Kem Desk

Kem Desk-Claro walnut and fiddleback maple.

Adjustable desk

Adjustable Desk-Cherry. The three pieces of the "desk" can be configured in any arrangement. The book shelf section has adjustable shelves on both sides. So if the desk is in the middle of a room, there are useable shelves on each side. The drawers, on the bookcase section, open from either side

Colombo Desk

Colombo Desk-Claro walnut and fiddleback maple. There are two drawers in the desk.

Gold Desk

Gold Desk-California black oak with walnut handles.

Iron Handle and Whetstone File Cabinets

Iron Handle File Cabinet-claro wanut and fiddleback maple.
Whetstone File Cabinet-Fiddleback maple

Jerome File Cabinet

Jerome File Cabinet-Claro walnut.


Iron Handled File Cabinets

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